1) We support enforcement of the Palm Desert City zoning criteria for R-1 and R-2 residential neighborhoods that specifically restricts any form of commercial “Mini Hotels”, also known as Short-Term Rentals (STR’s.)

2) The existence of Short-Term Rentals in residential neighborhoods violates the rights of Palm Desert residents to enjoy the quality of life
that was anticipated by moving to Palm Desert.

3) Re-instatement of the previous 30-day minimum stay requirement for rental properties that was in place 5 years ago, must go into effect immediately. The misjudgment by the previous City council that allowed this unacceptable change in vacation rental policy, needs correction.

4) Not only has our quality of life been diminished by STRs, it is our belief the community will continue to erode without effective leadership. The actions and decisions that place the best interest of the citizens of Palm Desert, must take precedence.

5) We hold our elected City Council members accountable to the residents of Palm Desert. They have an obligation to protect and preserve the neighborhoods of our city, without being influenced or controlled by out of town investors and commercial interests.

6) We will support those City Council members that represent the views of the vast majority of Palm Desert residents, regarding the removal of Short-Term Rentals from our residential neighborhoods.

7) It is our belief that every resident of the city is at risk, and must be made aware of the threat Short Term Rentals represent. Each of us are only one home sale away from having an unsupervised commercial Mini-Hotel – Party House next door.

8) The blueprint for an appropriate ordinance has already been put into place by several well-regarded cities in California; Palm Desert needs only to follow their actions.


The very fabric of what has made Palm Desert special is at risk. Our cause is not driven by greed, but a desire to maintain the quality of life for our community of families and neighbors. The current crisis caused by the influx and existence of Short-Term Rentals must be addressed. We are at a critical moment which will impact our quality of life for years to come.

We must act, participate and support this cause now! Please join us by signing our petition at: ProtectPDneighborhoods.org