Protect Palm Desert Neighborhoods

Jim Kane’s Story

Jim KaneI had never intended to become involved in this effort, because we had not been personally affected by STR’s. However, after repeated invites from neighbors Paul Murphy and Tim Skogen, I attended my first meeting and the horror stories I heard were enough to get me involved.

I am so glad I accepted that invitation. I had never known what a wonderful group of intelligent and dedicated neighbors I had. It also became quickly apparent to me that they were totally unorganized. That’s when I offered to help, as The City was about to begin the laborious process of crafting a new STR ordinance.

As it turned out, we were highly successful, not only in getting the City to adopt an outstanding ordinance, but in building important relationships with the Council and the staff.

Since we had enjoyed success in the effort against STR’s, the next logical question was were there other areas where we could be helpful to our City. That’s when we decided to make our group an advocate for “Good Public Policy” with the City and a major conduit between the Council and the public.

To date, we seem to be on the right track. The City has responded very positively to our positions on STR’s and Economic Development. We enjoy a regular series of guest speakers from all corners of government coming to our meetings to keep us up to date on important and controversial issues.

My personal vision is for our group to maintain its core membership and leadership role and for us to assist other neighborhoods in organizing themselves in similar fashion.