Protect Palm Desert Neighborhoods

Our Vision


Palm Desert 2025

A Conceptual Vision

by Jim Kane


  1. A consolidated, stand-alone, 4-year Cal. State-Palm Desert occupies the site at Cook and Frank Sinatra. The offered curriculum has been designed to attract and educate the workforce required by companies considering locating here. (Creative Funding Vehicle Required).
  2. All technical and vocational courses not requiring a baccalaureate degree are offered through, or coordinated by College of the Desert.
  3. The adjacent BlackRock developments are attracting newer and younger residents.
  4. A limited number of tech firms and associated free-lancers have begun to discover the benefits of relocating to Palm Desert.
  5. The iHub Palm Desert, including the Broadband Superhighway Depot, will be operational at a location serving both campuses. (Creative Funding Vehicle Required)
  6. El Paseo will have been re-focused so that all high-end retail and dining is consolidated in the six-blocks between 74 and Larkspur. East of Larkspur has been redeveloped as a mixed use, residential, and entertainment district. (Creative Funding Vehicle Required)
  7. San Pablo Boulevard has been re-developed as a “Melrose Avenue” area with an eclectic mix of fashion, retail, dining and entertainment. (Creative Funding Vehicle Required).
  8. The older, established areas of the city continue to thrive as highly desirable residential neighborhoods free of social problems such as STRs.
  9. Palm Desert continues in its enviable role as the well-balanced, business, educational, recreational and residential center of gravity of the Coachella Valley.

Dtd 10/05/2018