Protect Palm Desert Neighborhoods

About Us

There is a crisis in California residential neighborhoods. Previously placid communities, where people know and wave to their neighbors, are being invaded by Short Term Rental properties (STRs). All too often the result is lurking strangers, crowded street parking, loud and disruptive parties, blasting music, overflowing trash cans and people coming and going at all times of the day and night.

Municipalities are attempting to respond to the explosion of STRs that are invading residential neighborhoods. But other than guaranteeing that they collect tax fees from these “mini-hotels” in our communities, regulations and enforcement has favored the real estate lobbies and not the citizenry. We are opposed to the Short Term Rental abuse so often associated with the whole-house rentals that are prevalent in our area.

The prevalence of STRs (which are businesses) in residential communities are contrary to Palm Desert neighborhood standards and they diminish our opportunity to live in neighborhoods where we can feel safe and be proud. Besides useful information, we offer awareness campaigns about short term rentals, and highlight opportunities to take action!

To make your voice, opposition and concerns heard, please sign our petition so that special interests do not take away our rights and devalue our property.